• Stiletto [1976] Dryad Press
  • By Dawn's Early Light At 120 Miles Per Hour [1983] Dryad Press
  • It's Mother's Day (With CD) [1996] Barracuda Press
  • Barcelona Diary (Bilingual:Catalan & English) [2000]  Aspex de Comunicacio Edicions, S.L. [378 pgs.]
  • The Man With His Back To The Room [2006] Barracuda Press w/Barcelona Custom Books. [128 pgs.]
  • Intimacies Prose Poems & Stories [2006] Barracuda Press w/Barcelona Custom Books [152  pgs.]
  • It's Only TV - Poems 2005-2011[2012] KMW Studio [84 pages]
  • Improvisations - Poetic Impressions From Contemporary Music -[2016] Barcelona Custom Books



  • After Goya - The Disasters of War [32 pages]
  • Escapades:Prose Poems [22 pages]
  • Improvisations: pieces inspired by musical performances [36 pages.]
  • Homage To A Widow: signed & numbered - Caernarvon Press [10 Pages].

National Anthologies

  • Young American Poets: Edt. Paul Carroll, Big Table Books, Chicago, IL 1968
  • Peace Or Perish: Edt.Berlandt & Cherkovski, San Francisco, CA  1983
  • Practicing Angels: Edt. Michael Mayo, Seismograph, San Francisco, CA  1990
  • Prairie Smoke: Edt. Tony Moffeit, Pueblo Poetry Project, Pueblo, CO  1990
  • Will Work For Peace: Edt. Brett Axel, NY, NY   1999
  • In The Arms of Words: Poems for Tsunami Relief: Edt. Amy Ouzoonian, Foothills Publishing, New York, NY 2005
  • Paths: Notes From The Spiritual Journey: Edt. Gwyn Henry, Philososphical Library Press, Escondido, CA 2007
  • The San Diego Poetry Annual: Edt. Raye Rose, Garden Oak Press, Rainbow, CA 2007
  • A Year In Ink - San Diego Writers, Ink Anthology - Vol 1: Edt. Thomas Larson, The Ink Spot Press, San Diego, CA 2007

Literary Periodicals

Since 1960, poems and short fiction have appeared in many National and International Print Journals as well as those on The Internet. Most recently: 'Barcelona Review', 'Fourteen  Hills', 'Battery' , 'Free Lunch', 'Magee Park Poets', 'One Trick Pony,' 'BCN Week,' Solo Cafe #2, F Magazine vol 7  2007, Ocho, Poets & Artists, Pedestal Magazine (on Line #72). Malpais Review, East Jasmine Review, Tule Review.


  • Qualities of Life (Original)  [1997]
  • Perdut (From the Novel: Perdut by Neil Lehrman)  [2000]

Criticism and Commentary

  • The Poems of Rene Char [Review], New Letters, 1978.
  • A Letter From Roger Aplon to Louis McKee [A Remembrance], Painted Bride Quarterly - John Logan Issue, 1989.
  • The Pleasure and Power of Human Sexuality as Evidenced in the First Five Novels of Toni Morrison, National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Western Michigan, University. April 1994


  • Managing Editor: CHOICE Magazine from 1961 through 1970; after which, participated as a contributing editor. 
  • Editor: From These Walls: The Writing Center (San Diego, CA) Anthology II., 1996
  • Poetry Editor: A Year In INK Vol 3 - 2010 - San Diego Writers INK

Prizes and Awards


  • Honorable Mention: Chicago Poem: Chicago Daily News
  • Second Place: Roosevelt University: Poetry
  • Honorable Mention: Short Story : 'The Meeting': San Diego Writers
  • First Place: Poem: 'In Marrakech:' San Diego Writers Co-Op
  • Special Award: Poem: Festa Sant Jordi . . . #2: The Refined Savage
  • Second Place: Poem: 'Miguel Barcelo  . . .' San Diego Writers Co-Op
  • Honorable Mention: Short Story: 'Border Incident' San Diego Writers Co-Op
  • First Place: Poem: 'To This Country' San Diego Writers Co-Op
  • Rosine Offen Memorial Award: "This is a Story That Someone is Trying to Remember" - Best Poem- Free Lunch. Isssue 32. Winter 2004
  • Awarded a Two Month Fellowship (Summer 2009) from The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico


  • Member:  Pen America


  • 2007/8 completed three (chapbooks) short collections of poems: After Goya: The Disasters of War / Improvisations / Escapades
  •  2012/13 It's Only TV - poems 2005-2011.
  • As of August 2011, moved to Beacon, New York to continue work in a new environment.
  • March 2016 - Publication of: Improvisations - Poetic Impressions From Contemporary Music