Dance I ­ Tango in 4 Parts

Fold back the sheet & find her naked / in Tango / with a man in a white suit & wide-brimmed white hat & a cigarette dangles from his thin lips & she seems startled as he slips his hand lower on her back . . . & see the orchestra is led by a bearded man with bare breasts or is it a woman with a beard (who can tell from here) & as he manipulates her closer to the open door we glimpse his driver below who waits with the wide black car. Close the sheet now & see them dance over the garden wall & down the dark path where the driver has brought the car & see him lift her & twirl her over his back & see her laugh & wrap her legs around his head & watch now / the tango master cracks the whip & has them strut like bears stuttering in the moonlight ­ like squirrels racing their tails ­ like orphaned acrobats tearing out their arms & beating back the air.